First Frame offers a series of management and acquisition services to Bowling and Family Entertainment Centers. With over 30 years of bowling industry experience, First Frame will design an operational, marketing and capital improvement plan for you and your client's bowling center that will then be executed by our onsite management team to achieve the goals and expectations established with the center ownership.

We are not consultants! We are your partner. First Frame is onsite, helping ownership analyze your bowling center's needs and then executing the plan to success. First Frame is unique as we understand your client's ownership needs and concerns, as we have our own bowling centers we manage as well. Utilizing our own managers onsite, we specialize in improving your operations to be profitable and cash flow positive for a the long haul, or to position your bowling center into an attractive acquisition candidate.

As you know, it takes much more than turning on the lights and unlocking the door to make a successful bowling center, and finding those managers who truly know the industry and what it takes to grow revenue and profits is no easy task. While there are no magic pills or instant cures, our managers have a track record of working harder and working smarter, so look no further!